Welcome to the enchanting heel of Italy. Apulia has 860 km of coast lines with cliffs overlooking the sea, white beaches where the two seas Adriatico and Ionio merge together. 

Puglia is one of the emerging Italian wedding destinations and “finally” we say! 

The first ones to choose the amazing Puglia countryside, its flavours and perfumes have been Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel.

The beautiful infinite sea, just in front of Greece and the charming countryside mansions or a renowned “Masseria” will be the perfect setting for beach weddings or elegant traditional classy Italian weddings. Puglia is the ideal region for a family retreat, but even more perfect for a large party with many friends staying all together in one our selection of unique wedding venues in Puglia.

Just to give you a hint: a “Masseria” is a traditional farmhouse in Puglia. they were home to poor farmers who traditionally used, to build them, tuff or sandstone they could easily produce. Usually, a Masseria is surrounded by high walls to protect its residents (in the 15th century the Turkish pirates occupied the area). It was a sort of an Italian castle for the people in Puglia where more than one family used to live in smaller houses of the Masseria itself. Every family used to work the fields producing wine, corn, oil, cheeses, and the traditional Italian products and still it is like this nowadays, so not only you could experience a charming wedding but this choice will be a proper “time travel” for a lifestyle wedding experience in Italy. A Masseria, due to its setting can offer the opportunity to gather in just one structure, different moments of your wedding banquet. So that what was once the hayloft is now the spot for the lunch or dinner in an elegant atmosphere with some exquisite naturalistic details. the court, once a crossway for dealers is now an appealing setting where the lovers can offer a welcome cocktail. Not to mention how all the surrounding areas for the towers to the fields change with the right light in the different moment of the day, granting a fabulous wedding in the pursuit of a traditional but modern environment.

We do suggest to visit during your wedding in Puglia some of the most beautiful towns in Italy such as Alberobello (with its typical “trullo” house), Polignano a Mare (where you can enjoy a breathtaking dinner in a real Cave Restaurant, carved on a cliff while looking at the waves in front of you), Monopoli, and Ostuni (the white city).