If we say Chianti, you will immediately think of a well-known wine and of the Tuscan countryside and wavy hills full of farms, castles, endless vineyards, olive trees and gastronomic delicacies. The Chianti area is an icon, in fact it is part of the collective imagination that all people have about Tuscany and we guarantee you that you will not be disappointed, indeed you will be enchanted!

With its centennial history, Chianti Classico is a wine as of today easily recognizable for its label (created in 1924 to protect this Italian excellence) that represents a black rooster on a golden background. Obviously, when we talk about Chianti we are not referring only to the wine but also to the geographical area which this ambrosial drink refers to. To sum up: a pleasant and perfect place for a true, romantic wedding.

Chianti is in the heart of the Tuscan countryside enclosed within the provinces of Florence, Siena and Arezzo. Organizing your wedding in Chianti is the best choice for newlyweds who want a suggestive ceremony, in harmony with nature, enjoying the astonishing beauty of Renaissance villas with breathtaking panoramas … It is said that in one of the most beautiful villas for weddings “Mona Lisa” spent part of her life.


The climate in this region is usually mild, the charming medieval sprinkled around and the relaxed pace of life allow the visitor to soak up quintessential Tuscany. A destination wedding in Chianti offers every possible option for a civil, catholic, protestant or symbolic ceremony. This is the land of ancient castles, of private villas, hamlets and elegant estates with parks where every wedding dream can come turn into reality! The food is among the finest in Italy and since the Chianti wines are world famous, we are sure that your Tuscany wedding reception will reflect the incredible heritage that is all around you. Not to mention that having a selection of red Chianti wine on the wedding menu is a must to accompany traditional Tuscan recipes.

We recommend a wedding in Chianti to those couples who are looking for the allure and perfection of Tuscan landscapes, for those who love rural settings, outdoor sports and lunches with friends tasting authentic flavors and refined wines. In addition to its beauty, one of the reasons for getting married in Chianti is its proximity to Florence. You can comfortably land at the airport, choose to stay in the city or in the countryside and spend the wedding day in Chianti. Your guests will have the opportunity to visit Florence, Siena and discover different aspects of Tuscany.

The Chianti area is reachable via one of the most panoramic routes in Italy: the S222, a snaky state road known as “La Chiantigiana” running from Florence to Greve in Chianti (the “capital” of this region). The drive is a must for anyone wishing to savour the gorgeousness of the Chianti land. While driving, you could see rising in the distance some of the most famous medieval hilltop towns: Gaiole, Radda, Greve, Castellina, and Castelnuovo Berardenga. The latter are the five main towns of “Chianti Classico” wines. Each of these magical-look cities along with their local products and handicrafts offers brides and grooms the ability to go back in time to a time when natural beauty combined with graceful old world allure defined the ultimate luxury – a time when life was still unhurried and romance was a top priority. 


This region is very much appreciated as shown by the data that see Chanti among the most popular locations for food and wine tourism, as well as for weddings. All kinds of ceremonies are possible and the locations available rage from  a rural Sangiovese vineyard to some original treasures such as: Medieval Castles, Historic Town Palaces in the heart of tiny walled Medieval towns, Villas, Farmhouses, Hotels and Resorts. And in fact, all of these types of venues are at hand to suit every style and budget, not only for an unforgettable wedding ceremony and reception but also for a perfect holiday or honeymoon.

Our team of planners and coordinators will be happy to design a fantastic wedding package, customized on your will and unique to you only.