Are you looking for a wedding off the beaten path, in a picturesque venue where the jet-set have decided to celebrate their own weddings because of the eloping destinations they represent?

Well, the Italian Riviera Ligure owns miles of coastlines in a strip of land (Liguria) divided into western and eastern halves on either side of one of the most beautiful and important Italian cities: Genoa


This marvellous scenery that sweeps down from the hills to meet the coast creates a protected inlet with a mild climate all year long. This poetic and rugged gulf, also known as the “Bay of Silence” or “Sirens’ Bay” presents several highlights like the “Via dell’Amore” (Road of Love – a panoramic footpath). Tiny, delightful towns such as Vernazza (a protected cultural area that represents the perfect Italian fishing village) with its cute, colorful little houses gracefully build on the rugged mountain face, pointed toward the sea. Other nearby attractions include medieval, fairytale castles alongside magnificent seafood restaurants and dozens of small venues serving the world-famous “pesto” – born here in this region and perfect for a wedding reception.


In Portofino Bay, glamorous scenery meets the charming architecture of the San Fruttuoso abbey. The castle gardens right above the village can offer a breathtaking panorama; it is no doubt an idyllic place from whose heights you can see as far as the island of Corsica. Quintessential Italian locations are available along the entire length of the Italian Riviera and a fairy castle, a magnificent church, or even an olive grove by the sea could frame your wedding in this out-of-the-ordinary place. 


A doorway to other undiscovered seaside nooks, Vernazza, Portofino or the Cinque Terre would all be exclusive backdrops where a seaside wedding could take place. Bride, groom, and guests will all find plenty of activities, restaurants, bars, beach clubs, and more easily reachable by car, boat or on foot.

Years of experience as wedding planners allow us to make use of a rich network of partners to deliver the ceremony of your dreams. The Italian Riviera will be a memorable setting for the wedding and the reception, not to mention a great starting point for your honeymoon. Let our team take care of the arrangements and present the numerous options available for making your wedding day as unique as the most important day of your relationship should be!