Provence is all about its atmosphere… A “je ne sais quoi” that turns the simplest things into something with special charm: try to imagine while sit at a terrasse under a sycamore tree and listening to the cicadas chant. Your spouse coming from behind you carrying a tray with two glasses of “pastis” while looking at the immersive sunset panorama in front of you. In other words, here you have a frame for a picturesque night after your big yes.

Provence offers spectacular natural landscapes and it is known for the sunny hot climate from May to October, when you can admire endless expanses of vineyards, yellow fields of sunflowers or red poppies all around. But above all, the iconic lavender fields, which attract people from all over the world for destination weddings. In June and July lavender blooms and the farmers stop weeding so as not to spoil the flowers in formation. After that, at the end of July the harvesting begins and the budding smell floats around creating an incredible experience for your senses. The maximum flowering period is therefore considered to be that of mid-July even if recent climate changes are making the season a little more flexible. Scattered around, a thriving mediterranean vegetation meets gladly with the big colourful markets and the hill-top villages. Similarly, the unique architecture of the mansions makes Provence an idyllic place for weddings and family gatherings.

Not surprisingly, the venues in this region can range from luxury villas to historic “chateaux” close to the seaside. Astonishing historic houses with wide reception areas surrounded by gardens inebriated by the scent of lavender. Medieval castles on top of hills that recalls Tuscany countryside or glamorous bar terrace offering you the best panorama of the French Riviera can be a stone’s throw from your dreams.
Given that, STWP has selected the best wedding venues in Provence to inspire your wedding planning process. Almost all the venues have incredible views and all the vendors in this region can offer endless possibilities for an ideal destination wedding.

An example can be the Chateau de Tourreau, located in the heart of the region. This castle is surrounded by vineyards and, for instance, it can count on enchanting features such as a path of century-old trees that drives you straight into this jewel. You will truly step back in time with this place. The parkland is charming and you’ll find an abundance of spaces for your wedding ceremony and reception drinks. Spots worth considering entail the “jardins a la française”, the fountains and the ponds, the orchards and an organic garden. Another rare feature is the exquisite consecrated chapel, that can host up to 70 people. For the wedding dinner, the outside area is a magnificent location where you could enjoy a French gourmet meal “al fresco”. On the days after the wedding, you can still entertain your guests with a brunch by the infinity pool.


Furthermore, the Provence gastronomy is also fantastic: traditionally cheerful and colourful, it includes olives, olive oil, Provence herbs, sun dried tomatoes, melons and seafood recipes matched with local wines, which the region is famous for.

Planning a few day stay with our professionals will allow you to experience also the surroundings. A particularity of Provence also lies in the several suggestive villages nested on the heights, the so-called “villages perché”. Gordes, Saint Rémy de Provence, Valensole and many other medieval villages, with narrow alleys, houses attached to each other and flowers on the windows. This areas has also seen the passage of the ancient Romans and you can still catch the vestiges of the past (spas, arenas, buildings etc.), as those in Arles and Aix en Provence.

For those wishing to retrace the footsteps of famous painters, every corner of the surrounding cities and villages testifies their passage. From Van Gogh to Cézanne, from Picasso to Gauguin, all these artists have found a profound connection with the Provence landscape. 

Let’s start to paint together your big day using the colors this land can gift us.