Sardinia offers limitless choices for those who want to get married in an exclusive venue or are looking for something out of the ordinary . Beach restaurants in secluded bays, private villas with beautiful gardens for outdoor receptions, country mansions and farm houses immersed in the lush Mediterranean vegetation, modern restaurants for candlelight dinners, prestigious boats for sunset celebrations, charming hotels and a luxury lighthouse by the sea. These are only few examples of wedding venues that we can offer to make your wedding in Sardinia absolutely unforgettable.

Getting married in Sardinia is a multi sensorial experience that involves all our senses: the scent of wild myrtle, the taste of old traditional recipes and delicious regional cuisine, the sight of touching scenery, the feeling of natural materials that tells us about the history of this magic island.

The Island is capable of surprising you with its glamour coast in Costa Smeralda or the bucolic villages in the center of Sardinia. The common point is that wedding in Sardinia means perpetuate centuries-old wedding rites, both civil and religious. Among a wide set of breathtaking wedding locations, Faro di Capo Spartivento, a Lighthouse in the Bay of Chia, Alghero or even the wonderful Cagliari, capital of the region, may be a great example.

The island is in fact a marvelous assortment of contrasts but never has so much diversity expressed in so many varieties of beauty, harmoniously existing site by site. The island presents a various landscapes: from the barrel, wild and almost lunar inner countryside to the rich vegetation and lush green seaside of the coast.