Sicily is a daydream to visit, live and celebrate your “big yes”. There is not a place on this island where it would not be great to organize a wedding. Celebrating along the slopes of a volcano or in a villa with a sea view, the wedding will be unforgettable thanks to the warmth of people and incredible food, of course one of the best in Italy. This Island expresses a fascinating mix of Italian culture with exotic influences, the wonderful weather and long summers will be a perfect frame for you and your beloved ones. Not to mention the fact that is a haven for food lovers.

Art and folklore make this venue akin to a nation in itself! With an unmistakable style and traditions that has drawn visitors to the island for years, this unique island is adored by Italians and visitors worldwide.

A wedding in Sicily is a fascinating mix of cultures thanks to its rich history, ruled by Europeans, Africans and Asians in the past. The signs of all who have passed through Sicily can be witnessed and felt through the incredible architecture that surrounds you. Norman, Arabic, Greek, Roman influences can be felt throughout the island, the history told through the artistic heritage makes for the most incredible setting for a wedding in Italy.

Imagine wandering through the honey-kissed towns of the south, seeing the Baroque palazzos of Modica, Noto, Ragusa and Ortigia or discovering the Greek temples of the ancient Agrigento, or those in the historical cities of Catania and Palermo, make perfect locations all year round and are an absolute must for Italian lovers. All of these incredible locations are unique, each with a selection of idyllic ltalian wedding venues for your most memorable day in Sicily.

Or perhaps you prefer the idea of a beach wedding. Well, I will be satisfied with the the best undiscovered shores to relax and enjoy your time within a combination of heavenly sandy beaches and hidden rock coves. The southern coasts are a heady mix of colours and perfume, decorated in citrus groves. The volcanic landscapes of the majestic Mount Etna is a breathtaking sight and the most loved natural wonder of Europe. The incredible beauty of locations such as Taormina will make the difference once you select this region for your Wedding.