No  need to describe the beauty of cities like Rome or Venice, it’s famous all over the world! We want to describe what it feels like to breathe perfumes, to taste Italian flavors and all those intoxicating and romantic emotions that only here in Italy can you live. Who hasn’t thought about saying the “big yes” surrounded by their closest friends and the stunning vistas of the romantic Italian locations? We certainly have and we’re sure you have too. Just imagine it: you’re happy, smiling, breathlessly kissing your partner in the middle of an olive field or a vineyard in Tuscany. The sun shines, the crowd holds their collective breath, and the sound of birdsong accompanies the wedding music. Or maybe it’s a medieval castle or a country villa outside Florence or Siena or an adventure in a small town with a deep history, like Orvieto or Assisi in Umbria


When it comes to a wedding abroad, few places have as much to offer as Italy: rolling hills, ancient towns, enchanting island and breathtaking sea. Food traditions that offer something for everyone. Whether you’re eating pici (a sort of thick, hand-rolled spaghetti), cinghiale (the tuscan wild boar), fish, panzertotti or pizza (of course) you’ll be surrounded by both romance and tradition in the form of narrow cobblestone alleys that open up on magnificent cathedrals from the 1300s.

Whatever your interest, from the grandeur of thousand-year-old churches to the simplicity of the traditional routes that sprinkle the countryside of Italy, adventure awaits. You could even go to Tuscany’s own “sword in the stone” and try your luck! It’s close to San Galgano Abbey, a roofless, Gothic-style 13th-century church that is the essence of Tuscan simplicity.

No matter what you choose, let our expertise, knowledge, and planning fuel your celebration! Our outstanding staff will make you dreams come true, creating everlasting memories of your most important day. Whether your idea of romance is a luxurious winery with a family-style approach or a private chapel in a charming “agriturismo”, a civil ceremony in a castle or a mansion, our attention to detail will ensure a relaxed and cheerful atmosphere for your special day.

We’re a young, dynamic organization, humble but proud of our achievements. You can count on a wide network of professional partners offering top-notch services. We are happiest when we see our brides and grooms satisfied with the authenticity we bring to the most important event of their lives: the recognition and celebration of their love.

What’s more, the STWP’s staff has its headquarters in one of those little gems mentioned above: Cortona, a small town in the Tuscan countryside (where the movie Under the tuscan sun was filmed). From there, our consultants will coordinate every phase of your wedding planning process and custom-tailor your event.

From start to finish, from site selection and booking to menus and catering, from hair and make-up to breathtaking flowers: your special day is our business.