And here we are to discover the secrets of the lunar landscapes described in the books and paintings of history! Here, our crew will be able to succefully manage the whole organization of your big day! Here, STWP has grown and have panned most of our weddings. Original and creative ideas will characterize an event that will amaze every single person. We will be able to develop and take care of every aspect, from the lights to the floral decorations, obviously starting from the location that best suits your tastes. We will start by defining the concept, that is to understand what your desires are and make them real. Do you prefer a boho chic, country chic, classic, elegant, minimal, vintage style? In Valdorcia you can find rustic yet chic farmhouses, medieval castles with SPA and thermal waters, everything surrounded by the most beautiful view in the world. Intimate weddings with privacy but also large luxury and classy parties.


At a great wedding in Tuscany you cannot avoid a menu based on ancient traditions of these territories: the intense olive oil, the delicious wine, saffron, mushrooms, truffles, game, and many other specialties.

Val d’Orcia is easily identifiable with Medieval castles, rolling hills, isolated hilltop towns, charming farmhouses and isolated rural villas. Avenues of cypresses, row upon row of vineyards, olive groves, and golden wheat fields will open all around you leaving your eyes astonished and charmed. This is the fantastic and harmonious landscape of Val d’Orcia.


As examples of what you can discover within this area, you will be able to admire the beautiful and suggestive Abbey of Sant’Antimo, one of the best examples of medieval monastic architecture, where you can still listen to beautiful Gregorian chants during mass. When illuminated by the sun, the magnificent travertine facade shines with golden reflections.


Close to Siena there are four places that have been declared world heritage by UNESCO since 2004 and two of them are in Val d’Orcia. The whole area is nowadays a protected park, in fact the absolute protagonist of Val d’Orcia is the still unspoiled and beautiful nature, with colors that are always different according to the various seasons.


Just few other places are able to move a visitor so deeply. It is almost being in a Dali’s painting, wandering on a surreal and time-suspended land, home to the most interesting Italian wine such as Brunello di Montalcino and the Nobile di Montepulciano. Other lovely hilltop villages you can easily visit are:


Pienza: with its varieties of local sheep’s cheese (Pecorino); wild boar and other delicacies. Historically, Pienza is still largely unchanged since Roman times, and other than being made famous for the filming of the Oscar winning film, The English Patient, it is also called the “perfect city” wanted by Pope Pius II, then proclaimed  world heritage site in 1996. A romantic town as it is higlighted by the beauty of the panorama offered by the lookout in Via del Casello to the numerous streets called: Love street (via dell’Amore), Kisses street (via del Bacio), Fortune street (via della Fortuna) and so on.

Montalcino still conserves its nature as a fascinating medieval village. The area around the town is completely dedicated to intensive vineyard cultivation for the incredible wine of this town: Brunello di Montalcino. But even for non wine lovers, the town is a fascinating location: beautiful views from the fortified walls, ideal for genuine Tuscan plates, and an unspoilt, chilling countryside.


Staying in Val d’Orcia, means that you will be able to visit lot of different towns that create the spectacular look and feeling of this region such as the amazing Bagni Vignoni and Bagni di San Filippo with their natural sulphur baths (this is a region famous for thermal springs since Roman times), Montepulciano, and Mount Amiata  where one can practice trekking in the summer, and skiing in the winter time.

Not least, San Quirico d’Orcia is considered the rural heart of Val d’Orcia where go back in time by walking the main streets of this Etruscan village. Other incredible gems are San Gimignano with its numerous medieval towers, Siena and Volterra, just to mention the min ones.

And here we are with all these wonderful ingredients we can create the perfect wedding for those who want to choose beauty, relax and joy that one’s eyes, heart and soul can relish from spending some time in these lands. Enjoy it, we’ll take care of the rest!