Wedding ceremony – Italy

 Elopement in Positano by: Super Tuscan Italy Weddings

You’ve decided to get married in Italy? What a great choice! You probably already have an idea about the place in Italy you would like to get married, and maybe even the style of venue, be it a rural estate, an outstanding villa or a medieval castle. So while you are envision rolling hills, wonderful wine and hints of an ancient history, the STWP crew can help you to realize what you imagine.

There are basically four types of weddings you can celebrate in Italy: a civil wedding, a religious ceremony, a symbolic blessing or elopement

and, if you does not already have a person of your own who can we can conduct your ceremony, we can provide an interpreter.

The civil service in Italy is a fully legal marriage and is recognised throughout the world. By law, they must takes place in a town hall or a location that has been granted special permission for legal weddings by local authorities. This means that in most cases a civil wedding will be held in one of the astonishing rooms in the historic centre of a town. Most of these locations are historical venues that can offer a unique setting and fabulous locations.

The ceremony has a beautifully written standard format but the couple is free and encouraged to contribute adding readings, poetry, music and even elements of a religious ceremony. The tradition includes also the exchanging of personal vows and rings.

The civil wedding requires some time for paperwork, so you’ll need to be in Italy a minimum of two days prior to the wedding. This kind of ceremony usually lasts twenty minutes. A Mayor or civil registrar performs the Ceremony in Italian with an official interpreter.

Our experienced staff can arrange your civil ceremony at a town hall or in a palace, villa, or a beautiful garden. The majority of town halls belong to the “Beautiful Arts Association”. They are usually adorned with priceless works of art or have frescoed ceilings or intimate little courtyards where you can hold your wedding ceremony.

There are different types of religious ceremony that can be undertaken in Italy: we have encountered several different cultures and we have always done our best to transport their religious requests over here, be it a full Roman Catholic ceremony or a Protestant blessing, a Jewish or Indian ceremony. All this kinds have taken place “Under the Tuscan sun”.

A religious choice does require a fair amount of work ahead of time. Be prepared for  for a contact with your local church. As for Protestant, Jewish or Orthodox rites, you can be married in a sacred location (church or synagogue) or in different venues such as a villa, castle, hotel or garden. We can provide a celebrant, who is officially recognized by the Italian State.

STWP experienced staff will discuss the specifics of your wedding day and will assist you with all arrangements along every step of the way.

Specific Catholic requirements have to be be considered to have a Catholic wedding in Italy.

A permission from your Parish Bishop is necessary as well as attending Pre-Cana classes. Baptism and confirmation certificates are to be provided.

If you have been divorced and the wedding has not been officially annulled, it is not possible to marry in a Catholic church.

Paperwork is to be issued within 6 months of the proposed wedding date, but not earlier otherwise it will expire.

The Italian Curia must receive the religious paperwork at least 2 months prior the wedding.

In Italy Catholic weddings are legally binding.

Depending on the church location it may be necessary to have the civil ceremony before arriving in Italy.

The symbolic blessing is the simplest one. The most intimate and flexible choice to arrange your event in Italy. It is entirely suitable for several situations, and it is often the preferred pick for couples, regardless of gender, religious, secular or non-denominational background. The content and style of the blessing is really limitless, and depends on the requirements and personal situation of the couple.