wedding welcome party rehearsal dinner planner

Rehearsal dinner in Italy planned by:Super Tuscan wedding planners – ITALY

The wedding itself is the main reason that brings you here, we know it! But, As we always underline to new couples that enquire us, we are not just focused on it. We put a lot of care and attention to the organisation on the Welcome Party! 
Let’s start from the beginning: you can call it Welcome Dinner, Rehearsal Dinner, Welcome Cocktail, Welcome Aperitif… in our vision it’s so so important to make it in the right way. Welcoming your guests the day before the wedding is so appreciated and it’s like breaking the ice. You’ll see that all your guests will start to feel like an only group first and as one only family then, as it really makes the flow of the following day.
Style, attire and location of the event are really up to your vision and to the kind of welcome you want to offer your guests.

Are you looking for an informal, casual and authentic feeling? Do you want each of your guests to feel as a real Italian guy at their arrival?

A Welcome Aperitif Italian Style is what you are looking for! Both in the frame of one of the incredible scenery of Italian towns, overlooking stunning views, or at the seaside or lake side, you’ll invite your guests for a toast and to start tasting great italian food. The wow factor is guaranteed as beauty will be the scenery. 
In the same style you can organise also a Welcome dinner in one of the amazing restaurants that we select for our couples, or in a wine cellar, why not! Generally we organise a wine tasting with a wine tour before and then you’ll have dinner on site! Just stunning and so cool.
The good point of the “casual” option is that your guests, after the travel and check in, can relax with no schedule and sometimes we let them arrive even at different timing (i.e. on the invitation you can write “from 6pm to 10 pm).

Are you looking for a classy, quality food orientated and cool feeling instead?
A great local restaurant is what you are looking for! We can organise a formal dinner even at the Wedding Venue, asking the help of our trusted caterers, and create a great scenery, using different spaces and giving to the dinner and party afterwords (yay!) a Noble taste.
We can select also dedicated venues for this day, as Italian Style Opera Theatre, spectacular Villas where we can organise an alfresco dinner, Beach clubs, Boats restaurant (it is just spectacular!!) and Roof Tops!!! Leave your guests speachless!

Are you looking for something super relaxing, with no logistics and just party orientated?
A Pizza Party, Welcome Bbq, Pool Party or Home-style dinner is what you are looking for. We can organise this style of event directly at the venue you have rented for the following day, so probably the majority of your guests will be accommodated there. Lounge music, drinks, good food and laid back atmosphere… as a family reunion! 

What we always recommend, in any case: invest something on entertainment (Dj, live music, shows as fire show, magician…) and also on decoration and set up to make it look pretty, stylish and memorable. 
And also Mainly: Do not party until too late on the welcome day!!! It can be wise to stop the party around midnight – max 1am. If not… you’ll regret it on your Big Day! 🙂 And you can really party until whenever you want on your wedding day! So preserve your energies and good-looking-shape for the right day.