Italian wedding: City and Borgo

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Italy is world-renowned for the numerous eye-filling mediaeval villages scattered around in the country. You might find them among the hills of charming Tuscany or Umbria as well as along the coast, the beaches or nested in the mountains.

The history of Italy tells us a land starred with many municipalities that are nowadays preserved heritage areas which can be an inspiring setting for your Big yes.

Now, close your eyes and imagine Tuscany. Anybody would daydream a green landscape made up of hills, vineyards and olive groves with little villages that pop up in between. 

Terracotta tiles on the rooftops that match perfectly with with the landscape whilst narrow cobble paths unravel between the typical countryside stone-houses

In Italian we call them “Borgo” (literally “hamlet”): a small village inhabited since medieval times that have preserved history and architecture to the current days. Some of these villages are famous worldwide and visited by millions of tourists. Others smaller and hidden, they are the most heavenly setting for your wedding in an Italian Borgo.

Walking around...

Usually, italian hamlets are composed of a noble main residence surrounded by smaller buildings, which in the past were used both as homes and farms, cobblestone alleys top off the significant image of these gems. 

Nowadays, the restoration works have transformed those ex-rural settings into exclusive accommodation ready to host you in a unique and picturesque setting for your celebration. 

Many of them have kept their original shapes but they now have a sophisticated and sometimes luxurious accommodation to cheer you with comfort and facilities such as swimming pools, chapels, saunas and many other services. 

Whether yours is an intimate wedding or a large group of guests, those hamlets will be transformed for a few days in a village inhabited by your dearest.

The uniqueness of a wedding in a hamlet is the possibility of temporarily living in venues filled with poetry that can let you experience a journey back in time. A way to impress yourselves and your guests with an exclusive experience which everybody will remember forever. Fascinating, enchanting, out of the most usual touristic routes, this kind of occurrence is a perfect choice for an exclusive destination wedding. 

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